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How To Get Free Riot Points

Are you a fan of League of Legends? Have you been trying to find a way to get those skins and useful gear that you've been yearning for, without having to spend real money? Now, you can earn free Riot points by doing what you've always done on the Internet! 

How can you do this? All that you have to do is to sign up to Points2Shop where you can complete a few easy tasks like downloading mobile apps, watching videos, playing games etc. You will earn points & cash for completing these tasks, you can then redeem it to get free Riot Points! 

Read the 3-step guide to find out how to sign up and to get started on getting your Free Riot Points Codes! 

*Caution* Beware of the fake websites that claim to offer Riot Points generators, RP giveaways or free riot points codes lists, they are SCAMS!

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Earn Points & Cash!

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Sign Up!

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The process is easy and simple, and all you have to do to start receiving free Riot points is to create an account on Points2Shop

Registering now could even award you bonus points, giving you a head start towards getting that League of Legends skin or modifier you've been looking                       forward to. 


N.B. Verify your email address immediately after registering. If you can't find the verification email, then check your spam/junk folder.

By signing up to Points2Shop, you'll be on your way to working up the money to buy your free Riot points, hassle-free and without spending a cent of your own money

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Get Your Free Riot Points!

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N.B!. The first thing you need to do after signing up is make sure you complete your entire user Profile. If you are not sure where to do this, ask a member in the chat box.

Points2Shop will ask you to complete surveys, answer questions, complete certain tasks, watch videos, play games and sign up to other websites. In return, you receive cash and/or point for each task that you complete.

Complete as many offers as you can everyday & you could soon be rolling in so many Riot Points; you might not know what to do with them all

                              Click Here To Register

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When you gather the minimum payout limit in terms of cash rewards and points, the amount is transferred to your PayPal or Virtual Visa Account. 

You can now use this money to purchase Free Riot Points! Be involved in activities you're already doing                       in your spare time anyway.                         
                      Make every offer count, so                       that you can earn Riot points                       without having to spend a                           single dime of your own                             money. It is truly the easiest                       way to earn free Riot                             Points!

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What Are You Waiting For? 

Sign Up Now!

*Caution* Beware of the fake websites that claim to offer Riot Points generators, RP giveaways or free riot points codes lists, they are SCAMS!